Welcome to Cave de Lomagne. Sounds fancy, right? French always sounds so romantic and fancy.

This blog is all about wine and how to best enjoy it. Some of the best wine I have ever tasted was in France, believe it or not, in a small, mostly unknown cave in the town of Lomagne. Hence, the name of this blog.

I consider myself a wine drinking expert. Okay, maybe more of a well-versed amateur, but I certainly love my wine! I became more passionate about wine in my early forties after I had the chance to try wine delicacies in France and other locales. Enjoying wine is one of those things my wife and I do together. We love to help others become more passionate about wine as well. That is why we have started writing about wine and how to better enjoy it.

I am well known in my social circle as someone you don’t start a conversation about wine with, because I can go on and on for days about it. Because of that, my wife encouraged me to start writing my wine thoughts down, so here I am. Now, if I really want someone to learn more about enjoying wine, I can simply link them here instead of dragging on for days about it. So, if you are my friend in real life, you are welcome. 🙂